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Venture Build
For Good

Unicity Ventures is accelerating growth of enterprises in the "age of the citizen", powered by disruptive technology, rapid scale-out models and a global network of partners


We formed in late 2019 as a deep-dive analytic company. But, in Jan 2020, we pivoted to helping governments and organizations deal with technology challenges around the pandemic.  We hadn't planned it that way, but felt we should put our collective shoulders to the wheel. Most of that work is now complete and we are returning to the venture building
technology and purpose-driven businesses.


In particular, we specialize in very high growth VC and Venture Build scenarios where we rapidly create brands, business models, platforms and value. By and large, that’s what all of us have been doing for most of our careers and the fire still burns hot.

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The team is:

Peter Ellen  Based in Edinburgh, Peter is a former
retailer, SaaS technology expert and entrepreneur.

Nick Arnold Nick is based in Barcelona and Hong Kong – is a former leadership team member at Apple and McKinsey.

Dr. Steve Sobelman Steve is a Baltimore-based doctor, author, emeritus professor and veteran health tech entrepreneur.

Kevin Stevens  Kev is based in the UK and L.A., Kev is a serial entrepreneur and venture financier.


The Age of the Citizen - We believe in a new epoch for ventures where the drivers of purpose and value creation align with changed consumer priorities. Companies that achieve this alignment have the best chance to build value.


We are respectful people; people who admire daring leaders and diverse teams who share a vision for a better world.  We’re proud of the few gray hairs we’ve earned building businesses - including start-ups, $1bn corporate venture builds and global scale-outs for some of the world’s largest companies - across North America, Europe, and Asia.


First, we invest time, money, and methods in ventures where our platform and our partners want to dramatically accelerate ideation to ambitious growth milestones, getting there faster than traditional venture capital trajectories.


Then, we bring deep entrepreneurial expertise and line-of-sight capital to each of our ventures.  This means we spend more time and resources – using top talent, accelerated methods and deep partnerships – to execute your growth goals.

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