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The Disease Control Platform

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Trace-e enables governments to power up digital patient-tracing efforts to:

  • Rapidly meet and surpass statistical data coverage benchmarks

  • Maintain accurate risk models for people and places

  • Communicate securely with at-risk patients

  • Operate in compliance with data laws

  • Integrate with apps, contact centers and services 

  • Build on proven UniGraph® technology

The Key Components

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Works with all government or agency approved apps & channels

Models data to consider citizens' localized exposure

Proven UniGraph maintains a score of citizens' exposure risk

Supports secure and compliant communication protocols

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A Step Ahead

  • Suppress outbreaks quickly and accurately

  • Enable highly targeted measures

  • Predict transmission hot-spots

  • Build trust and confidence of citizens

  • Supports global data compliance standards

  • Enhanced security protocols

  • Support public health services

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